How Many Visits to the Orthodontist Before Braces?

Patients often ask Dr. Caudill and Dr. McNeight about the number of visits necessary before they can start their braces or Invisalign treatment. In many cases, the answer is one or two, but sometimes, we can start on the same day as the first consultation.

During your first visit to Caudill Orthodontics, you will get familiar with our office, team, and receive your free exam to assess your goals and determine the best course of action. We take photographs and and an x-ray to see both the surface and below-the-surface changes that are necessary to align your bite and correct your smile. Our doctors do a thorough exam to analyze your bite, jaw function, tooth size and shape, health of the teeth and soft tissues, and smile aesthetics. At that time, we can recommend the next steps for treatment and answer insurance/payment questions.

We handle orthodontic cases for adults, teens, and kids starting at age seven. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends age seven as the proper age for the first visit to an orthodontic specialist. This age is the first opportunity to identify any issues with the bite and smile development.

Many times, our patients are not ready to start orthodontic treatment when we first see them. We may need to wait for permanent teeth to erupt in order to start treatment at the most optimal time.

Patients who seek to correct their smiles using Invisalign (invisible braces) get their trays on their second visit, as the mouthpieces are custom-made for their unique bite and treatment plan using 3-D mouth scans. Children, teens and adults can be treated with Invisalign. Caudill Orthodontics is a top 1% provider of Invisalign, so a great choice for our patients.

We have offices in Melbourne and Merritt Island, FL to serve you better. That first visit is a free consultation, so take the simple first step of requesting your consultation online. The New Year is a great time to ride the smooth wave with us to your perfect smile.