Early orthodontic treatment is exciting with Dr. Caudill & Dr. McNeight!

Each of our team members is dedicated to making our youngest patients comfortable from the second you step into our office.

We will always explain the process to ease your child’s nerves, and we’re proud to cultivate a relaxed, positive, safe environment for our young patients and their parents.

Our experienced children’s orthodontists utilize the latest advances in technology to make the early orthodontic treatment process as comfortable as possible. We use the advanced iTero® digital impression system to create precise impressions in minutes—no goop necessary!

We also choose highly-advanced orthodontic appliances to achieve results faster, with greater convenience and less discomfort for our patients – especially children.

How old do you have to be to get braces?

Every child is unique! Children’s teeth and jaw bones develop at different rates. No two children will develop with the same orthodontic condition at the same time.

The best age for orthodontic treatment will depend on your child’s specific case. Although, beginning treatment before the teeth and jaws have stabilized can make for a more comfortable and efficient treatment process.

The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) advises that parents bring their children in for their first orthodontic assessment around the age of 7.

At the young age of 7, many orthodontic problems are already apparent to Dr. Caudill and Dr. McNeight’s highly-trained eyes! They can create a treatment plan to intervene with developmental issues and treat them before they worsen. Your child’s treatment plan will be designed to ensure that his or her mouth has a strong foundation to support a beautiful set of permanent teeth!

If we find that treatment is necessary or will be beneficial for your child, we’ll recommend that they begin treatment.

Starting treatment with Invisalign® or children’s braces can reduce or completely eliminate the length and complexity of treatment to create lasting results in the shortest amount of time!

Alexis results after her orthodontic treatment

Cost of Braces for Kids

The cost of early orthodontic treatment (the same cost as adult and teen orthodontic treatment) will depend on a few factors, including:

  • The severity of your child’s condition
  • The complexity of treatment required
  • The appliances used during treatment
  • The length of treatment

When you and your child visit us for the first time, we’ll present our affordable payment plans to you and work with you to create a financial plan that meets your needs—and allows your child to achieve a strong, healthy smile.


Still have questions about braces for kids?

If you’re looking for a children’s orthodontist or “kids braces near me”, we would love to meet you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We’re more than happy to discuss any of our treatments, techniques or technologies with you.

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of personalized care—in a relaxing and positive environment. We bring you a blend of the latest and most efficient orthodontic technology in the area.

Begin your journey today by requesting your complimentary consultation with the area’s leading orthodontists in Merritt Island, Melbourne or Viera. Come experience the vibes!

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