The time has come when your orthodontic treatment is complete and we have given you retainers to wear. Hooray!

Wearing retainers is a very important part of your treatment. Your orthodontic correction can be maintained by wearing your retainers if you follow our instructions. A failure to do so will almost always allow your teeth to move from their straightened position. In some instances, braces or Invisalign may be needed again to correct the result of poor retainer wear. Please wear your retainers to maintain your straight teeth and beautiful smile!

We will monitor your teeth, bite, and fit of your retainers for at least a year after you end your braces or Invisalign. There are different types of retainers that Dr. McNeight or Dr. Caudill will suggest depending on your unique bite and tooth position. We make clear Essix retainers, wire retainers with fun designs (also called Hawley retainers), and in some instances, “permanent” or bonded retainers that are glued to the inside of your teeth.



Essix Retainer


Hawley retainer

And the best news is, ooey gooey impressions are a thing of the past! We can use our 3D scanner to create a 3D printed model of your teeth which your retainer can be fabricated off of. Which is just plain awesome!

We are also happy to make new retainers for anyone who may need one. If your retainer breaks or your permanent retainer comes unglued from one of your teeth, we are here to help!

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