Ceramic Self-Ligating Braces

We provide self-ligating clear braces in Merritt Island, Melbourne, or Viera. These braces are made for comfort, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Innovative ceramic self-ligating braces are clear braces made of a quality ceramic material with a clip made to specifically interact most efficiently with our high-tech archwires. At Caudill and McNeight Orthodontics, this combination produces perfect smiles with the greatest efficiency.

What are self-ligating, tie-less brackets?

Self-ligating brackets use a “passive” slide mechanism, instead of using elastics or rubber bands as traditional braces do. This allows brackets to move freely and teeth to move independently of each other.

The self-ligation feature allows for a quick, efficient treatment period as it accelerates the initial alignment phase. With traditional braces, teeth are all moved together simultaneously, which causes friction that slows down tooth movement.

With clear self-ligating braces, each tooth is able to rotate and straighten without obstacle, which enables a shorter treatment period. 

Comfortable, Convenient and Clear

Our self-ligating clear ceramic braces use a sliding clip to engage the archwire and align your teeth. These braces are much less noticeable than metal braces yet still possess all the benefits of metal braces. Clear self-ligating braces are completely tie-less eliminating the need to change the dirty worn out clear ties that are used with traditional clear braces that notoriously make clear braces look yellow and dirty. Additionally, clear self-ligating braces allow longer wire activations which can reduce the number appointments needed and reduce tooth soreness. 

Recently, the size of our clear self-ligating braces was redesigned and the size was reduced to make them even less noticeable and one of the most efficient, comfortable and clear braces available. 

If you’re looking for a clean, professional smile and the appearance of traditional braces has stopped you from beginning the orthodontic process, ceramic self-ligating braces are the perfect solution.

How much do clear braces cost?

Clear braces cost a reasonable amount with us! Sometimes called ceramic braces, white braces, porcelain braces or invisible braces, clear braces are a favorite among our awesome patients. We want you to be able to choose your ideal treatment without breaking the bank, because your preferences are most important!

Choose from a variety of affordable payment plans, including in-house financing with 0% interest. We also offer special discounts and accept a wide range of orthodontic insurances to help you manage your costs.

Have questions about ceramic self-ligating braces?

If you’re looking for Melbourne, Merritt Island, or Viera braces, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Dr. Caudill, Dr. McNeight, and our experienced team are all dedicated to providing the highest quality of personalized care – in a relaxing and positive environment. We bring you a blend of the latest and most efficient orthodontic technology in the area. 

Ready to ride a wave of confidence and comfort to your perfect smile? Request your free exam at one of our conveniently located orthodontist offices in Melbourne, Merritt Island, or Viera today! Come experience the vibes! 

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