AnLue W.

Merritt Island, FL
anlu before photo anlu after photo

We have been blessed to be going to then Caudill orthodontics, now Caudill & McNeight orthodontics with AnLu since she was 3! Her first set of braces was when she was in 2nd grade, second set. Young teen then third set to finish the job and get ready for jaw surgery! She is all finished now and doing well with the retainers. We are so pleased with the outcome! Thank You, Caudill & McNeight orthodontics!

Thank you,
Lorraine Wegerif for AnLu Wegerif

I might add that out of 9 people in our family 6 have gone to Caudill Orthodontics. 2 never had braces and my husband did as a kid! Several were in braces more than once!

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