Why We Prefer Digital Impressions

Technology has helped orthodontists make leaps and bounds in advancing our techniques and quality of care for our patients. With each new discovery, we can improve processes and help our patients receive quick and painless final results with a smile they are proud of.
iTero Impression-less Scanning is the perfect example of how technology is helping us better serve our patients. iTero not only enables us to take a 3D digital scan of patients’ teeth and bite, but it also allows us to adjust the teeth in real time and digitally transfer the files for easy processing. And we even have the newest, most up-to-date iTero scanner on the market!

What does this mean exactly?

• You spend less time in the chair during initial appointments thanks to digital records. Many doctors have even recorded as much as two thirds of the time being cut down thanks to iTero Impression-less Scanning!
• There’s no “goop” or “gag” with this method as you will not need to put the mold in your mouth like traditional impressions.
• Every patient gets a scan at the beginning of treatment as part of your initial records. We use the scans to create the treatment plan and aligner trays for our Invisalign patients.
We prefer digital impressions because we value your comfort and time. Choose Caudill Orthodontics for your treatment and you’ll find yourself being able to enjoy your orthodontic experience to the fullest extent!