What to Expect When You’re Done with Treatment

You’ve made it to the finish line––you are now braces free! Just like there was a transition when you first got them on many months ago, there will be an adjustment period for when the brackets or attachments finally come off. Many people expect to be able to go back to the routine they had before they got braces, but there are some noticeable differences we like to make our patients aware of so they know what to expect when they’re done with treatment.

Dietary Freedom

Remember those foods you erased from memory because you weren’t allowed to have them anymore? Well, now you can officially chow down and enjoy them again! The worries you once had about crunchy or sticky food getting stuck in your brackets are long gone––though it may take some adjusting to realize you can eat practically carefree again!

Easier Hygiene

Brushing and flossing will suddenly feel so much easier––and that’s because in a way it is! You’ll still need to keep up on hygiene since you’ll be able to incorporate certain foods you haven’t had in a while. You may also notice some calluses that have developed on your gums and tenderness in teeth. This will eventually go away, but it can be a surprise if you don’t see it coming.

Additional Treatment and Follow Up

Just because your braces are off, doesn’t mean you won’t still be coming to see us. You should expect a follow up appointment with Dr. Caudill and Dr. McNeight to ensure your retainers fit properly and make sure everything is going smoothly with your transition. Make sure you bring your retainers to each retainer-check appointment so we can see how they are fitting and adjust them if needed.

Your Dream Smile!

The best part to look forward to after braces is the smile you’ve always dreamed of! Caudill Orthodontics puts your health and happiness as our top priority and we love seeing how happy our patients are once they finally come off.
We always encourage our patients to feel free to ask any questions they have so we can address concerns during this process. We can’t wait to see you smiling wide!