The Dangers of DIY Orthodontics

YouTube is making an effort to remove those “Tide Pod Challenge” videos, but when Dr. Caudill checked, there are still countless videos where teens and “adults” share their “expertise” on DIY orthodontics. These people are using rubber bands, dental floss, and other pressure-creating methods.
Some of the dangers are when these DIY bands slip under the gum line and stop the proper blood flow. People are damaging their healthy teeth, their bone, and are often moving teeth too fast or in the wrong direction. This can result in damage to the teeth and gums and even in teeth falling out!
Risks involved with DIY braces:
  • Moving teeth at the wrong angle
  • Creating additional gaps
  • Infected gums (swollen gums and even gum disease)
  • Dead roots (tooth loss)
  • Bad bite creation
  • Choking on bands or other DIY tools
  • Chipping of enamel from broken bands
  • Toxic exposure from foreign metals and plastics
  • Pain and long-term issues from moving teeth too quickly
  • More expense to fix these problems
Please consider the long-term health effects of “DIY braces” in comparison to the supervision of a certified orthodontist that has at least 10 years of post high school education and training to plan and create your perfect smile.
Dr. Caudill, Dr. McNeight, and their experienced orthodontic team studies multiple components of each patient’s mouth, including tooth alignment, bite, gums, and tongue to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient. This requires digital imaging, photographs, and x-rays followed by orthodontic adjustments to your teeth and bite execute your customized treatment plan.
Cost is a factor in many of these DIY experiments, but know that we offer safe and affordable orthodontics. We accept insurance payments from most insurance companies, which enables us to lower your monthly payments. Even if we are not listed as a provider on your plan, you are almost always able to receive your full insurance benefit at Caudill Orthodontics. We also offer payment plans and no-interest promotional periods.
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