Mary M.

Melbourne, FL
mary before photo mary after photo

I waited until I was 50 to “fix” my smile, mostly because I dreaded the thought of wearing metal braces. Dr. Caudill and his team planned out my treatment using Invisalign. The transformation is amazing! Thank you Dr. Caudill for your expertise in transforming my smile … now I can’t stop smiling!

I just got done using Invisalign and I loved it!! You definitely need to be motivated to follow Dr. Caudill’s treatment plan but it’s totally worth it!! Thank you for my new smile!!!

Anyone debating on getting Invisalign, do it! I always was self-conscious of my smile and so I consulted with Dr. Caudill at age 50! The Invisalign process was easy as long as I followed the treatment plan provided by Dr. Caudill and his team. I love my results. You will love yours too!

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