Invisalign Treatment Just Got Better!

Invisalign treatment just became more fun. For patients who want to express their creativity and decorate their smile, Invisalign now offers new “Stickables” graphics and a new line of NFL-designed cases!

Cool New Invisalign Accessories

Invisalign Stickables are small, high-quality stickers that can be stuck to the outside of your aligners to add your own touch to your smile. Choose from different animals and nature-themed graphics, emojis, fantasy and gaming graphics, your favorite foods or sweet treats, different letters or numbers, limited edition shapes, holiday themes, travel themes, and more.

Whatever your favorite NFL team may be, you can now show off your favorite team’s logo on your Invisalign carrying case too!

Invisalign is Customizable

One of the great benefits of Invisalign—this treatment is completely customized to your smile. When we create your treatment plan during your complimentary consultation, we personalize your plan to suit your condition, your smile goals, and your lifestyle preferences.

Many people choose Invisalign because it’s convenient, clear, comfortable and removable! Invisalign can fit any lifestyle and accommodate your needs throughout all of your favorite hobbies, social occasions, and professional events.

Your Invisalign clear aligners are custom-made to fit your unique smile. And now, your treatment is more customizable than ever!

Decorate your smile and your carrying case. The Invisalign store offers a variety of different carrying case designs. Choose from your favorite color, fun rainbow-colored designs, flower graphics, famous paintings, or your favorite NFL team’s logo!

No matter your age or lifestyle, there’s an Invisalign carrying case or Stickable design you can choose to express your favorite colors or interests. Everytime you smile or pull out your carrying case, you can show off your creative side!

We’re super excited about these new Invisalign accessories. Feel free to reach out to us today, or ask about them at your complimentary consultation or your next appointment! At Caudill & McNeight Orthodontics, we believe orthodontic treatment should be an enjoyable experience.

Ready to begin your Invisalign journey? Get started by requesting your free exam in Melbourne, Merritt Island or Viera today!