How Do Braces Work?

Surely you’re no stranger to braces. If you haven’t had your own experience with orthodontic treatment, it’s likely a close friend or family member has had a form of braces. You’ve seen the life-changing transformation that happens when a treatment is completed, but maybe you aren’t quite sure how braces work.

Metal braces, Invisalign aligners, lingual braces and clear braces all serve the same purpose: to straighten your teeth, align your bite position, improve functionality and increase your self-confidence.

But, have you ever wondered how braces are so effective at straightening your teeth?

Let’s break down the inner-workings of braces.

How Do Metal Braces Work?

Metal braces use brackets, wires and rubber bands to shift your teeth. With traditional braces, metal brackets are bonded, or cemented, to each tooth. A metal wire runs through each bracket, strategically applying just enough pressure to shift your teeth gently and gradually into their correct positions. Our special brackets are called “self-ligating,” meaning that a small metal clip on the bracket holds the wire tightly in place. Colored rubber bands add some extra pizazz to decorate the braces if you choose to have them.

Every 8-10 weeks, you’ll visit our office to have your braces adjusted. During these appointments, we will remove the rubber bands around your brackets as well as your archwire (the underlying wire connecting your brackets). We will examine the position of your teeth and your bite to ensure that your treatment plan is on track. If we need to make any adjustments, this is when we will do so. We will then place the archwire back through your brackets, tightening the wire slightly, and using the clips on the brackets to hold it in place.

Throughout your treatment, you will continue visiting us regularly to have your braces adjusted. With each visit to our office, your teeth will be one step closer to your dream smile!

How Do Invisalign Clear Aligners Work?

Invisalign® clear aligners serve the same purpose as metal braces, but Invisalign aligners are made of a see-through, flexible plastic—no metal required! This orthodontic treatment includes “sets” of clear aligners. You wear one set of aligners at a time, treating both the top and bottom teeth at once. Every week, you’ll replace your aligners with a new set. With each new set, Invisalign clear aligners are custom-designed to shift your teeth closer-and-closer to perfect alignment.

By use of flexible, yet sturdy plastic, Invisalign applies just enough pressure to your teeth, day-and-night, to correct misalignments, gaps, crookedness, crowdedness and more. Although your clear aligners are removable (which is a major perk for many people), you must keep them in for 20 to 22 hours a day. (Only remove your aligners to eat, brush your teeth, floss your teeth, or drink anything besides water, and be sure to rinse them before placing them back in your mouth each time!) They are BPA (bisphenol A) free and virtually invisible making them the perfect option for many of our patients.

Every 10-12 weeks, you’ll visit our office so we can assess your smile progress and ensure that you’re on a straight track to straight teeth!

At your initial, free orthodontic exam, we will discuss everything you need to know about life with affordable braces. We provide affordable orthodontics for adults, teens and kids! We are proud to be a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider with Invisalign costs as low as $130 per month.

If you or someone you know is seeking a top orthodontist in Viera, Merritt Island or Melbourne, our team at Caudill & McNeight Orthodontics would love to speak with you!

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