Fun Gifts to Keep Your Smile Bright this New Year

With all the candy, sweets, and treats that come along with the holiday season, there’s lots of fun ways to keep your smile shining bright during this busy time of year and into the new year! Whether you are buying them for yourself or to give a friend or family member, these tooth-inspired items are sure to make anyone’s smile bigger AND healthier. As we look at 2017 as a time to take better care of our smiles and overall health, these clever products can help you towards your goals.
Invisalign/Retainer/Mouthguard Wipes:
For those on the go, these are a great way to clean your Invisalign trays, retainers, or mouthguards when you aren’t able to rinse them out with water! Clean in 17.
Breakfast Floss:
Make your flossing routine a little more exciting with breakfast-flavored floss! These come in coffee, waffle, and bacon flavors. Yum! Make flossing fun.
Trendy Cases:
Jazz up your retainer/Invisalign/mouthguard case with tons of fun designs that can even be customized. They have an ID name tag and clip attached so you’ll have less chance of losing them! Get Trendy.
Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer:
If you are one that carries a toothbrush with you wherever you go, this is a great item for you! Just place your toothbrush in the case, push a button, and it will auto shut off after sanitizing it in just 7 minutes. Get sanitizing.
Xylitol Lollipops:
Not all lollipops are bad for your teeth! These tooth-shaped pops are sugar free and contain Xylitol, a natural sweetener that actually helps fight against cavities. Go sugar free.