Do adult braces take longer?

Maybe you’ve heard of the misconception that “braces are only for kids and teens”, and maybe this belief has stopped you from considering orthodontic treatment.

Although many people believe that adults can’t wear braces, this isn’t true. Braces and Invisalign® are for anyone who wants to live their best life and smile confidently—at any age.

So where does this misconception come from?

Two answers:

  1. The appearance of traditional braces: Many adults don’t want to sport a metallic mouth, and we understand that! (That’s why we offer clear ceramic braces, lingual behind-the-teeth braces and Invisalign clear aligners as invisible treatment options.)
  2. The natural growth and development of the jaw bones: The optimal time to begin orthodontic treatment is in the younger adolescent years, around 10 to 14. During this time, the jaw bones are still developing and the permanent teeth are growing. This makes them more susceptible to growth modification—which orthodontic treatment often is. Treatment during the younger years is especially efficient, as it works alongside the natural development of the teeth and jaws.

Once all of the permanent teeth have settled, wisdom teeth have grown in (around the ages of 18 to 25) and the jaw bones are fully developed, a longer treatment length or more intensive treatment approach may be necessary to treat a stabilized condition.

So, can adults get braces? Absolutely!

But do adult braces take longer? Sometimes! It just depends on your unique situation.

How long do adults wear braces?

Treatment length is determined on a patient-by-patient basis. There isn’t a set amount of time when it comes to treatment length—or anything about your treatment plan for that matter. When our orthodontists (Dr. Caudill and Dr. McNeight) create treatment plans, they’re 100% personalized for each patient!

To determine how long your treatment process would be, you would need to visit one of our experienced orthodontists in Viera, Merritt Island or Melbourne. Your orthodontists will perform a thorough, complimentary orthodontic exam, including x-rays and diagnostic photos, to gain the full picture of your current condition.

Once we have an understanding of your smile, the severity of your condition and what it would take to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile, we’ll have an estimated treatment length.

For the more severe cases, the estimated treatment length may be around 18 to 24 months. For moderate cases, 16 to 18 months may do the trick. For minor cases or cases that are solely for esthetic purposes, treatment may only take 6 to 12 months. It all depends on your specific circumstances.

Are braces worth it for adults?

We’d say so! You deserve to catch a wave of confidence at any age.

More adults undergo orthodontic treatment than you may think. The American Association of Orthodontists estimates that 1 in 4 orthodontic patients is an adult.

While orthodontic treatment was once perceived as a kids-only or teens-only treatment, modern advancements (like Invisalign® clear aligners) have made orthodontic treatment more practical, comfortable and accommodating for adults than ever before.

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about straightening the teeth or creating an esthetically-beautiful smile. Orthodontics can change your quality of life for the better. Your sleeping quality, breathing ability, chewing function, speech capabilities and appearance are all impacted by the alignment of your jaw bones and the position of your teeth.

Asking, “are braces worth it for adults” is like asking, “do adults deserve to live their greatest quality of life?” When you consider the short amount of time it takes to undergo orthodontic treatment and the number of years you have left in this life, orthodontic treatment is absolutely worth it!

Still have questions about adult braces?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! We love to hear from you and we would love to discuss our adult orthodontic treatment options.

We’re here to guide you through your treatment process, from your very first visit, to your last appointment.

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