Can I Get Braces if I Have a Crown or Veneers?

Patients who’ve had previous teeth restorations may wonder if getting braces on top of their crown or veneers is possible. The purpose of braces is to shift the teeth into alignment, so it makes sense that this process may compromise previous dental work… right?

Not necessarily! In most cases, people who have crowns or veneers can still undergo orthodontic treatment. Choosing a highly-experienced orthodontist, like Dr. Caudill or Dr. McNeight, can ensure that your orthodontic treatment is effective and your crowns or veneers are protected.

Here’s what you need to know about braces with crowns or veneers:

Crowns and Veneers

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration treatment made of ceramic, porcelain, or gold. This treatment is essentially a cap that looks like a tooth and covers a damaged tooth to improve the overall appearance and functionality of the teeth.

A dental veneer is a thin layer of ceramic material placed over your tooth to improve its physical appearance. Unlike dental crowns, veneers won’t cover the entire tooth; instead, it only covers the front surface of the tooth. Many people wonder whether it’s better to get braces or veneers if they have crooked teeth, and advanced orthodontic technology enables the possibility of both at once!

Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment

Before starting treatment, Dr. Caudill or Dr. McNeight will complete a thorough examination of your teeth at your complimentary first appointment. During this appointment, we’ll take diagnostic photos and X-rays to assess the condition of your teeth.

When you start your treatment, our orthodontists will use a high-quality adhesive to bond your braces on top of your crowns or veneers. Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, we will remove the braces brackets carefully.

Whether you’re able to get crowns or veneers during your braces treatment will depend on your specific condition. For severe cases, it may be best to wait until treatment is complete. Once we complete your exam, we’ll understand what will work best for your condition!

Will my crown or veneers get damaged with braces?

There is always a slight risk when placing brackets on top of veneers. If the brackets aren’t applied by an experienced orthodontist, the braces can crack your veneer or compromise its smooth surface.

In the case of crowns, braces are less likely to cause damage. If the damage is purely aesthetic, your dentist can fix the crown once your braces are removed. However, If your veneers and crowns are healthy and are monitored by an experienced dentist, undergoing orthodontic treatment should not be a problem.

It’s always better to refer to an experienced orthodontist, as he or she will use precise techniques to cement your braces in place and monitor your teeth throughout the treatment process.

At Caudill & McNeight, we are dedicated to staying on the edge of orthodontic technology to optimize the braces’ placement and prevent any damage to your dental restoration!

If you’d prefer an orthodontic treatment that isn’t bonded to your teeth, Invisalign® clear aligners may be the better option for you! Because Invisalign sits on top of the teeth and can be removed as needed, this treatment may be the less risky option depending on your case.

When you schedule your free exam with us, we will take the time to explain your orthodontic condition and your treatment options to help you make the best decision for your smile!

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